Segmentation for yourTwitter Audience

Perform a one-time full analysis of your Twitter audience without logging into another platform. Segment your followers by interests, occupations, location, and keyword analysis. Own your data.

App screenshot
App screenshot

Simple one-time payment

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

Wildfire Twitter Analysis

Estimated turn-around: 24 to 48 hours

A single purchase results in a single analysis. We will e-mail you a file in .zip format, and then delete all of your data to preserve your privacy.

What do we deliver?


We will perform our keyword analysis to segment your audience into different groups based on interests, occupations, location, and other keywords.

Occupation Analysis

Whether they're engineers, writers, directors of marketing, or something else!

Interests Analysis

Discover what your followers are interested in

Keyword Analysis

We'll match against thousands of keywords to help you understand who your followers are.

Twitter Handle & Name

Basic information about your followers.

Twitter Metrics

Likes, follows, followers, and the number of lists your followers appear on.


Where your followers reside.

Links, Hashtags, and Mentions

Find links, hashtags, and mentions that from your follower's profiles.

Frequently asked questions

How many times can I do this?
One payment gets you a single point-in-time analysis of your Twitter audience. You can purchase as many times as you want. If you require more frequent analysis, or have other use cases for analyzing your audience, please reach out to us at
How will my data be used?
We use your Twitter handle to access Twitter's publicly accessible APIs to gather information about your followers. We adhere to Twitter's Developer Agreement and Policy. After delivering your data, we do not store it or use it for any other purpose. All information we gather is public information and accesssible via individual user profiles.
Will you sell my data?
No. We would and will not sell your data. We also cannot sell your data, because we do not store it for longer than it takes to deliver your results.
What fields will be included in the data?
We currently include the following fields: twitter_handle, twitter_name, location, followers_count, following_count, likes_count, listed_count, tweet_count, last_tweet (datetime), bio, tags (our proprietary key-word analysis), bio_links, bio_hashtags, bio_mentions. You can also download our sample .csv file.
What if I don't find the data useful?
We would love to hear how we could improve, but please reach out and we will issue a full refund:
Why does this take so long?
Twitter has very strict rate limits on their API, meaning we can only query 200 followers per minute for all users of our tool. Our average user has 10,000 followers, which means our average user takes around an hour to complete.
I never got my data?
If you have any issues with our service whatsoever, please reach out: